According to the IPCC, we have about 10 years to avoid the climatic tipping point.
Greenhouse emissions have reached levels never seen before on this planet.
From 15% to 51% are related to the consumption of traditional meat.
There are ethical alternatives capable of producing the same amount of meat with 99% less greenhouse emissions.
The technology to save the world exists.
Help us ask politicians to intervene before it’s too late.

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For a world without slaughterhouses

End The Slaughter Age is an international organization created with the aim of ending the existence of animal husbandry, for food and other purposes, starting with the slaughter of animals. To do this, among the various initiatives, it has created a homonymous European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) with two specific proposals in this direction.

Pandemics, Global Warming, Deforestation, Ocean Pollution, World Hunger, Destruction of Ecosystems, Continuous Extinctions, all this and much more can be stopped. The ethical alternatives with which End The Slaughter Age proposes to replace animal products emit 99% less greenhouse emissions and require 99% fewer resources to produce the same amount of meat.

To do this, he proposes two solutions:

cultivated meat, made through the new Cellular Agriculture and through the fermentation technique;

vegetable meat, capable of equaling the same flavor and taste as traditional meat, a very successful example on the market is Beyond Meat.

The meat and agribusiness lobbies are spreading many hoaxes about cultured meat. Find out what they are and help us spread the truth:

Nicolas Micheletti, president


and author of the ECI,


announces the approval


by the European Commission


of the collection of signatures


for End The Slaughter Age



The priority of our organization will be given to research related to the replacement of poultry meat with meat made through cellular agriculture, and therefore also to the replacement of eggs with ethical alternatives. The reason is that poultry is the category that today has the most victims throughout history. Likewise, the animal derivative that will have priority will be eggs, as milk already has many ethical alternatives.

Stay tuned and watch this space for further development!

What is Cellular Agriculture?

Cellular Agriculture is a new technological branch that allows the production of meat, milk, eggs, bones, skin and much other organic material directly in the laboratory, starting from a few cells that are multiplied almost indefinitely.

◾ The cells are taken through a completely painless biopsy, even a fallen feather is enough for poultry.

◾ The first beef burger grown in 2013 cost € 250,000, while today it is only € 8. The price has gone down a lot, but it’s still too expensive. The livestock industry is lobbying policy through lobbyists to thwart this innovation.

◾ At the moment it is possible to buy Cultured Meat only in specific places in Israel and Singapore.

We have decided to submit a project divided into two points to the European Commission:

  • 1 – The exclusion of livestock from activities eligible for agricultural subsidies and the inclusion of ecological alternatives, such as cellular agriculture and vegetable proteins;
  • 2 – Incentives for the production and sale of plant-based products and those made with cellular agriculture;

International network

The ECI signature collection will require at least 7 member states and 1,000,000 signatures across Europe.
Signatures can also be made online. We are organizing a European network. You will see the names of the representatives coming soon on this site.

The ultimate goal of End The Slaughter Age is the abolition and criminalization of all forms of animal exploitation. For this reason we attach extreme importance to Animal Sanctuaries and Animal Shelters , places managed by activists and volunteers who often have economic problems, also and above all due to a political class that ignores them. For this reason, in addition to the objectives already listed, ETSA is fighting for these structures to obtain legal recognition and public funding throughout Europe, so that they become the home of many of the animals that are still imprisoned and killed for human greed today.

Below, the list of Sanctuaries, Refuges and Organizations that have decided to support the End The Slaughter Age initiative:


Regardless of the amount, every donation, however small
will be a fundamental contribution to achieve our goal,
which is to eliminate animal exploitation.

Together we will end the slaughter age